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Our Exterior Painting Services 

Have you ever wondered how you could add a certain distinctiveness to your home by painting? The right color and style can personalize, dramatize, or simply bring your home up to date. Through careful surface preparation, the use of quality materials, and outstanding craftsmanship, our customers receive a beautiful, durable and long lasting paint project personalized for their style and design needs.  Our paint of choice for exterior painting is Sherwin Williams Duration in a satin finish. This product comes with a 10 year warranty from Sherwin Williams.

 See how the professionals at Ron's Painting-Fort Myers properly prepare and paint the exterior  of a home please click on the video "How We Do Exterior Painting: at the top of the home page.  The video will also give homeowners exterior painting tips if they choose to paint their own homes.

It does not matter the size or style of the home when we do exterior house painting.  The home could be a small modest size home or it could be a larger sized estate home.  The professionals at Ron's Painting still give the same professional painting service and do the same quality paint job for each homeowner. Everything is still a step by step procedure we follow to do a proper exterior paint job.  After all it is your home and when we paint it we treat it as if it was our home. We have even matched an existing Lime Paint finish with regular exterior house paint.  We can Faux Finished the exterior of a home to match an existing Lime Paint finish or we can come up with a new painted Faux Finish for your home.  Looking to make a change to the look of your home, but you know that you really don't need a new paint job. Ron's Painting-Fort Myers can paint just your window frames and doors.  This will give the exterior of your home a whole new look, without the expense of painting the entire exterior.

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Many of my clients in the Fort Myers area request that  they would like to have their windows and screens cleaned after their house is painted to add that additional sparkle to the exterior of their homes. I recommend Birdie's Pressure Cleaning to all of my clients.Jeff S, owner of Birdie's Pressure Cleaning has been in business for many years satisfying my Southwest Florida Customers.

Did the last painters that did home painting for you leave a mess in your pool?  The professionals at Ron's Painting never leave your pool messy.  We have teamed up with Joe Mitchell with Pool Pro's.  We have Pool Pro's come out and clean your pool if we make a mess at no cost to the homeowner.  If you are happy with the way Pool Pro's clean your pool and you are not happy with your present pool service, Pool Pro's now offers to clean homeowners pools for 30 days free of charge.  At the end of 30 days you will be so happy with the professionalism of Pool Pro's you just might want to have them clean your pool all the time.  Visit them at www.poolpros-inc.com

Are you finding what looks like little piles of wood dust around your home?  Could it be termites or just rotten wood? One of the things the professionals at Ron's Painting run across while preparing the exterior of a home for a fresh coat of paint is rotten and damaged wood from subterranean termites.  Many times these pesky creatures find their way into the door casings, then eat their way into your home.  This is just one of the ways that I have noticed problems.  I have always recommend Larue Pest Management-Fort Myers to my clients for all of their pest, weed, and most importantlyLarue Pest Managementtermite management.  I have been using there services at my home for over 10 years. To learn more about subterranean termites click on this link  http://www.PestControlServicesForLife.com/.  To learn more about how Larue Pest Management-Fort Myers can help you with your pest control needs in Fort Myers area visit their website at  http://www.laruepest.com/ 

Exterior Home Painting services provided by Ron's Painting-Fort Myers

  • Pressure cleaning
  • Seal chalky surfaces
  • Premium elastomeric caulks and sealants
  • Protection of surfaces from overspray
  • Premium paints, Fade Resistant Paint
  • Exterior stucco sprayed and back rolled
  • Crack repair
  • Rust repair
  • Wood docks and decks stained
  • Lanais and pool decks painted
  • Personalized color selection
  • Exterior maintenance program
  • Project clean up

If you are looking for a free painting estimate please fill out the form below or call Ron at 239-275-0425.  Ron will be happy to contact you and schedule a time that is convenient for you to discuss your painting needs.​​​​​​​

Are you are looking for a great exterior painting idea?  Here are some pictures of a exterior painting project we just finished with some great painting tips. Does the first picture look familiar?  Well it should.  It is the same picture from the home page of this website.  The home owners wanted to give the exterior of their home an updated look.  They new their home did not need a new coat of paint as I just painted it 5 years earlier, and it still looks great.  They loved the existing color, but something wasn't just right. Many homes after years of being exposed to the Florida sun, the white or bronze aluminum or vinyl window frames and doors fade and take away from the appearance of the home. What we did is changed the paint color of their aluminum windows and doors. By doing this it gave the home a whole new look. Here are some pictures of the process we went threw in order to give these homeowners  a whole new look and curb appeal. 

Here we are in the process of protecting all surrounding surfaces on the rear lanai area. If you look closely at the pictures you will see we used a lot of blue tape.  I have found when doing delicate jobs like this that Blue Painters Tape is the best tape for these jobs.  


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Now that everything has been properly protected, cleaned, and sealed with a chalk sealer to seal in the chalky surface, it is time to apply the primer to the windows and doors.  We have tinted the primer as dark as we could to make it easier for the finish coat of paint to cover.  We used a bonding primer to ensure adhesion.  It is important to allow every step to properly cure before moving on to the next step.  We did this during the rainy season in Florida, which slowed down our drying time, but we always watch the weather for those afternoon storms.



In the picture to the right we have just applied the finish coat of paint to the doors and windows.  We used the Sherwin Williams Resilience in a gloss finish.  We wanted to give the homeowner as much durability as possible on the doors .  By using Sherwin Williams Resilience and its resistance to moisture it allowed us to do the window and door painting later in the day without having to worry about those afternoon Florida rains.  We applied both the primer and finish coat of paint by sprayer to give the surfaces a factory finish.  After allowing the finish coat of paint to dry overnight we slowly removed all of the paper, plastic and Blue Painters tape.  After everything was removed we did have a little touch up to do on the window frames, doors, and stucco.


Here is a front view and rear view of the finished window and door painting project. Notice how different the exterior of this Southwest Florida home looks with just painting the windows and doors.  The homeowner loved the way it looked so much we also painted some of the accent banding on the home to give it that additional WOW factor.

Can you imagine how much different the exterior of your home could look?  Both the front of your home or your rear lanai area could look rejuvenated by just painting the window frames on your home without the expense of replacing the windows or repainting the entire exterior of your home.  WOW what a great painting idea!

Please visit our photo gallery of our completed painted projects their are some great photos's that may give you some ideas for exterior paint schemes, or view our customer review page to see what our clients are saying about their experience with Ron's Painting.  If you are looking for painting tips or have questions about an upcoming painting project you are going to do on your home please send us your questions on our ask the experts page.  If you would like a free painting estimate please give us a call at 239-275-0425 or fill out the form below and Ron will get back with you shortly to schedule a time that is convenient for you to come a look at your next home painting project.