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Brown staining on a door, could it be mold!

Jan 18, 2019 -- Posted by : ajpereira

I have a concern, and I don't know where to turn to get an answer.  Last week I did a deep house cleaning on the interior of our home and I closed the door in my master bathroom to dust it off and  I noticed brown staining on the door.  I am sending you pictures so you can see what I mean.  Please let me know your thoughts and how I can clean this brown staining off the door.  I live on Sanibel, I don't know if this makes a difference.

brown stained door

Looking at your pictures that you sent me, I know exactly what is causing this brown staining on the door.  This is a type of mold/mildew.  I can see a sheen on the door, so I am assuming the door was last painted with an oil based paint.  If you take a little denatured alcohol and put it on a rag and then wipe the door I bet the paint does not come off on the rag.  If this is the case then the last time this door was painted they used an oil based paint.If you close the door and compare the color of the door to the color of the  door casing I bet you also will see that the door is discolored more so than what the door casing is.  When interior trim, meaning doors, door casings, baseboards and crown molding is painted with an oil based paint the paint tends to discolor, or yellow more so in a dark area, like where a pocket door is always open, and it also attracts mold/mildew on the door.  Mold/mildew is attracted to oil based paint due to the oils in the paint, especially on the exterior of a home, but also on the interior of a home, where you do not get air flow and in dark areas.

With the door being open most of the time, the humidity from a bathroom, and the door being in a dark area with very little sun exposure these are good conditions for mold to grow.

Luckily there is  very easy cure, just put a little bleach on a rag and wipe down the door where the brown staining is and it will disappear.  Then rinse the door with a wet rag to rinse off the bleach..  If you check your door about every six months and do this you will probably never have a problem again.  This problem happens no matter where you live, living on Sanibel is not making this happen more often.

another angle of the brown stain door



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