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Painting plantation shutters

Oct 30, 2023 -- Posted by : admin

plantation shutter painting.jpg

Many times, when plantation shutters are ordered the manufacturer matches the paint color for the planation shutters to the interior trim paint for the existing door and casings. This is always a good idea, however if at some point the home is sold and new homeowners have the interior of their home painted and change the paint color on the interior trim, the new trim color probably won’t match the existing paint color on the plantation shutters.

At this point the homeowner can either live with the old color on the planation shutter, purchase new shutters, which are quite expensive or have the plantation shutters repainted to match the new trim color.

When painting planation shutters there is a lot of preparation that is involved.

We always remove the plantation shutters from the window opening and take them to my shop.

In my shop I have a spray booth that is set up to hand the shutters from a beam, so we paint prepare and paint the shutters on all sides at once.

Plantation shutters are made from a composite material, and have usually been previously painted, the question is what type of paint was last used.

As a precautional measure we always completely sand all the louvers on the shutters and wipe off the dust with a tack rag.

We then spray paint a coat of Gripper bonding primer to the shutters.

Once dry, we lightly sand, clean and apply a finish coat of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane in a satin finish.

We then take the shutters back to the home, paint the plantation shutter frames and rehang the plantation shutters back on the windows.


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