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Galvanized Doors

Oct 30, 2023 -- Posted by : admin

galvanized doors.jpg

Many times, older overhead garage doors the paint will start to separate and peel off.

The reason the paint peels off on older garage doors is because the doors used to be made with galvanized metal.

When the doors were painted at the factory, the doors were never pickled to remove the fine film that covers the surface, then they were painted. Then overtime and exposure to the elements and expansion and contraction of the metal door the paint will start to separate.  Once it starts to separate and the paint starts to peel it just keeps peeling.

As you can see in this picture the paint completely came off when we pressure cleaned the home and door to get ready for painting.

Once the paint started coming off it just kept coming off, and when the door dried, we scraped off the rest of the loose paint.

We then pickled the overhead garage door using vinegar and rinsed the door with clean water. This removed the fine film so the bonding primer and paint will adhere to the door.

We then applied a coat of Gripper latex bonding primer to the door and a finish coat of Sherwin Williams Duration.


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