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Painting pool decks and driveways

Sep 8, 2022 -- Posted by : admin


Painting pool decks can be a very problematic for the homeowner if they do not hire the proper painting contractor with the right experience. Painting pool decks and driveways is not something you should hire a handyman to do. Sure, they can do it, but can they do it properly, so the paint does not come off.

As you can see in this photo, when I pressure cleaned the pool deck, a lot of the existing paint coating came off.


Here are 2 pictures of how it looks when the paint comes of the  concrete pool deck. There were several places, this is only two places.

20220810_084453.jpg 20220811_144216.jpg

The reason the paint came off the concrete pool deck is whom ever did the painting did not properly prepare the concrete surface and did not use the proper paint. Many concrete deck paints are not compatible with the paint product that the concrete deck was last painted with. It is up the painting contractor to determine what was last used to paint the concrete deck and what they should apply to the deck that will adhere properly. There are concrete deck paints that are Xylene base and Latex paints.

You cannot put a Xylene based paint over a latex and you can’t put latex over Xylene. Most Xylene based paints are compatible with other Xylene based paints, however latex paints are not all compatible with other latex concrete paints and it is definitely not compatible using latex over Xylene.

What I always do is ask the homeowner if they have any of the paint left over from when the pool deck or driveway was last painted. If they can show me what was last used, and the product adhered properly over the years without problems, then I use the same product.

However, if they cannot show me what was last used, I then apply an oil-based bonding primer to the concrete surface and allow to dry over night before applying the final coats of paint. I do this after I have pressure cleaned the surface and allowed it to dry overnight.




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