Picking the Right Exterior Colors

Dec 21, 2016 -- Posted by : ajpereira

Anytime I work with a client who wants their home’s exterior painted, I let them know that one of the most important services we offer at Ron's Painting is helping them pick the right colors so they are approved by their Homeowners Association. Many homes in Southwest Florida are in neighborhoods where the exterior home color must be approved by the Homeowners Association and their Architectural Review Board before the home can be painted.

What I always recommend to my clients is to let me help them pick colors before they submit the colors to the Homeowners Association (HOA). Now, with most HOA's you do not have to submit colors for approval if you are painting the exterior of your home the same color. But, if you are changing colors or if the HOA requires all paint colors to be submitted for approval, it must, of course, be submitted.

Once I have a commitment from the homeowners that I will be handling the project, I provide them a paint color deck, either from Sherwin Williams or PPG. I then ask them to pick main body colors they like. Once this is done, I will meet again with my client to review their color selections. I also help narrow down their color choices by what will cover in one coat of paint, and also by what colorants are used in tinting the paint to get that particular color. The reason I want to see what colorants are used is because certain paint colorants do not hold up well in the Florida sun, even though we use premium exterior paints like Sherwin Williams Duration or PPG’s Permanizer.

Once I have determined the best color selection and durability for the homeowner, I will purchase a gallon of paint, then go back to the home and apply some to the home’s exterior to ensure the paint color will cover in one coat. Many times, I may have to adjust the color a little bit to get one-coat coverage. My theory is ‘why pay for two coats of paint, when (if you pick the right color) one coat of paint will do?’ It’s all about protecting your home’s exterior and making sure you have proper coverage over the old color.

Once we have determined the chosen paint color will cover with one coat, we then pick out the accent color, making sure it also covers in one coat of paint as well. At this point, I suggest that the homeowner submit their exterior paint colors to their HOA for approval.

The reason we offer this service to our clients is so that you, our client, do not have to resubmit paint colors because the chosen color will not work with one coat. We also provide this service to save you money!

However, there are times where two coats of paint are needed. For example, if the previous color was chosen by a previous homeowner and the new homeowner has different taste…or if the previous paint color is very unattractive and it takes two coats to cover it properly!

On your home’s next exterior painting project, let us save you time and money by helping you pick the best colors!


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