Sherwin Williams Exterior Paints, What Are My Options?

May 2, 2020 -- Posted by : ron.rooker

I am currently receiving quote for exterior painting of my home.  I would like to have the painting contractor use Sherwin Williams paint.  I know they make good paint and everyone in their bids are bidding using Sherwin Williams paint.  The last bid I received the painted was using Sherwin Williams Duration.  The painter also recommended to me that I contact the other painters to see what they were using.  I did not know there is a difference in Sherwin Williams paint, I thought it was all good paint.

Can you help me with this, I would like to have my paint job last a while?


The contractor that put in their bid that they were using Sherwin Williams Duration was being up front and honest with you.  Many painting contractors do not specify what paint that they use when bidding a job, this way they are not committed to a specific grade of paint, and that many times they will choose the cheapest they can get away with.  I have even seen painters take empty paint buckets of Duration or Emerald, dump Duracraft paint in the bucket and bring it on the job.  This way the homeowner thinks they are getting a premium grade of paint; however, they are really getting a construction grade of paint.

When I bid exterior painting jobs, the lowest grade of paint that I recommend to my clients is Sherwin Williams Super Paint.  The Super Paint line has been the work horse for Sherwin Williams for many years. Sherwin Williams rates is 4.5 stars.

I will also use Sherwin Williams Resilience, which is also rated 4.5 stars.  This is a moisture resistant paint, and I use this if I am painting the exterior of a building early morning, where there is a chance of dew.

The exterior paint that I prefer the most is Sherwin Williams Duration.  This holds up the best, it is a heavier bodied paint and holds up well to the Florida Sun.  However, when it comes to exterior paint, the paint color, the contract you hire, and the grade of paint determines on how long your paint job will last.

In your case I would go with the contractor that was up front with you in the beginning and told you what grade of paint he was using.

I have attached a brochure I copied from Sherwin Williams, it shows you the different grades of paint, and how durable they are.  I give one of these sheets to all homeowners that I am bidding so they know what paint I use and what the different options are for exterior paints by Sherwin Williams.

If you would like to see how the professionals at Ron’s Painting does exterior painting, watch the video below.


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