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Sherwin Williams Interior Paints Guilde

May 3, 2020 -- Posted by : ron.rooker

Since I have a lot of time on my hands right now, I would like to paint some rooms in my home.  I stopped by Sherwin Williams today and was not able to get into the store to see what grades of paint are available for interior.  I saw you “Ask the Experts” page on your website, so I thought I would reach out to you to see if you can help.

I would like to use a good interior paint, that I can wash up, however my wife does not like a shiny finish. 

Can you please give me some advice?

I would be happy to help you out.  When it comes to Sherwin Williams interior paint, they have so many grades of paint it can become very confusing. When it comes to their premium grades of paint, all their interior paints have a very little sheen to them.  The reason for this is their durability and wash ability.

 If your wife is expecting, or if someone has allergies and does not like smelly paint, I always use Sherwin Williams Harmony.  The Harmony line is a low VOC paint with very little paint odor. It washes up very nicely.

The next best is Sherwin Williams Super Paint.  This is a good line and cleans up decently in a flat finish also.

However, if you have kids or pets, I always use Sherwin Williams Cashmere in a flat finish.

The Cashmere flat paint is an interior enamel.  It very washable and scrub able, that why it is an enamel.  It dries to a hard finish.  Sherwin Williams Cashmere is the interior paint that we can been using for our clients for years.

Their top of the line is Sherwin Williams Emerald.  This I a heavier bodied paint but is quite expensive.

Another good interior paint is Sherwin Williams Duration.  It is more expensive then the others and cleans up nicely.  The biggest factor is price.  I would recommend calling your local Sherwin Williams paint store to give a price per gallon on Harmony, Super Paint, Cashmere and Duration to see what grade matches your budget the best.

I have attached an information sheet that I give to all my clients of the different grades of paint that Sherwin Williams has.  If the paint is no pictured on this sheet, then it is not a premium grade of paint.

Sherwin Williams paint options


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