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Should I Paint the Headboard Wall in my Master Bedroom a Different Color?

Apr 3, 2020 -- Posted by : ron.rooker

Recently I was giving an estimate for interior painting and the homeowners were showing me the material for their bedspread and cornice boards and they wanted my opinion in painting the headboard wall an accent color.  What I did after looking at their fabric samples has showed them some different paint color options and different finishes that could be used in the room.

 One of the services we provide at Ron’s Painting to all our clients is color consultation free of charge.  I feel this is important because as the owner of Ron’s Painting I am familiar with the different colors and different finishes that are available.  I also do all the specialty painting.

About a week later I want back and met with the homeowners again and took them some different sample boards that I had made up for them, showing them options as far as colors and finishes that could be done to the bedroom walls that would complement their new cornice board and bedspread.  We also had to take into consideration the new carpeting that was being installed.

After looking at the samples we came up with a game plan.  Because the way the bedroom was laid out there were 9 walls in the bedroom.  As you can see in the pictures we painted 4 walls in a deep blue using Sherwin Williams Duration in a satin finish, and the other 5 walls we used Modern Masters Metallic paint in Shimmering Sky and did a faux finish effect with the metallic paint.  There were so happy with the look and color we also did their hallway to the master bathroom in the Shimmering Sky.

All the painting was done on brand new carpeting that we protected very carefully before we began.


Before any painting began over the new carpeting in the master bedroom, we protected the carpeting with Ram Board and drop clothes, windows and sliding glass door with plastic, baseboards with paper and tape to protect from paint splatter.  We moved the bed to the middle of the room and protected with drop clothes.  All other furniture was moved out of the room. Here we have already started painting the crown molding in this picture with the new white color.


 These walls were painted in a deep blue color using Sherwin Williams Duration in a satin finish.  All the trim was painted in white.  The new blue walls really compliment the new carpeting.

3 headboard.jpg

These 5 walls were painted using Modern Masters Metallic paint in Shimmering Sky with in a specialty finish.  Once again the new wall color compliments the new carpeting.

The below picture is the hallway going to the master bathroom.  Walls were painted using the Shimmering Sky and all trim was painted white.

headboard wall


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